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When I decided to start scanning my dia slides I searched the net for other people's experience. This is a list of sites I have bookmarked, because in my opinion they have some usefull information. Most of them are blogs like mine. Here are the links in no particular order with a short description (copied from the author of each site).

A few scanning tips
The purpose is to offer some scanning tips and to explain the basics for photos and documents. It is about the fundamentals of digital images, about the basics to help you get the most from your scanner. How it works, for those that want to know.

Comparing Methods to Digitize Slides
Before I went digital, I accumulated thousands of slides and negatives, and of course, now want these treasures available as bits. Here, I compare seven methods to transfer slides to digital.

ScanDig: Film scanner test-reports
On this page there is an overview of all film scanners that we have been testing so far, sorted according to the producer. There are also older test reports of those scanners that disappeared from the market long ago.

The other way to scan positive slides, or, why I kept my big SLR
Recently I was asked by my father if I was interested in having his slides from when I was young since he never watched them and was thinking about throwing them out.

Cambridge in Colour, digital photography tutorials
Learn how to take and edit digital photographs using visual tutorials that emphasize concept over procedure, independent of specific digital camera or lens.

How to Determine the Best Way to Digitize Your Old 35mm Slides and Negatives
Converting your old slides and film negatives to digital form will ensure that the images are preserved for the future and allow them to be restored and shared more easily with others. However, before you can digitize your old photography, you will need to determine the best method based on how many slides and negatives you possess, how much time you have to invest in such a project, the quality of the images that you want to achieve and how much money you are able or willing to invest in the digitizing process.

Review: 35mm Film to Digital Conversion
Suppose your parents or grandparent lay on you dozens of boxes of what is shown above.  What are those?  Those are “slides”.  Slides, and the negatives from which they were produced, are a remnant of a past age of photography before the technology disruption to the industry ushered in by digital cameras.

If you own a site or blog which you consider deserves to be in this list contact me with the link and I might add it; or maybe not, this is my site and my decision ...


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