Monday, May 06, 2013

Tribute to Nord

Nord was the name of our Labrador dog. I briefly mentioned him in this blog several months ago, when I was describing how loud is the Reflecta DigitDia 5000 scanner that finally arrived to Slovenia after a long travel through  Germany.

I have to use past tense, because after being a family member for eleven and half years Nord is no longer with us. He is not barking at the vacuum cleaner anymore, he is not waiting behind the door and waging his tail when I come home from the job anymore, he is not helping my wife to cook and by the way trying to get some snack anymore, he is not waiting for my daughter to stop studying and take him for a walk anymore and he is not lying at our feet requiring that we stroke him when watching TV in the evening anymore. It is almost one month since Nord is gone and we are slowly recovering from the emptiness we felt in the first days but past moments with our dog are still reappearing in our minds everywhere we go and everywhere we look.

Of course our dog stars on numerous family pictures which are the main topic of this blog. If the pictures were already tagged with digiKam, it would have been much easier for me to find some to publish. Although several megabytes of his pictures in this blog post are only a microscopic piece of several exabytes of data available on the internet today our Nord will now remain a small part of world history for foreseeable future.

Goodbye Nord !

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  1. this is sad, im so sorry to hear that, may Nord rest in peace